FastX Matic Dapp

FastX Matic Coin distribution smart contract works on 25 upline, 20 downline income and sponsor bonus.
MATIC Coin distribution smart contract works on 25 upline and 20 downline income.
70% to 25 upline
20% to 20 downline
10% to Sponsor Bonus ALWAYS
on the polygon blockchain.Free Flow Plans - Min 10 Matic , Max 500 Matic on each buy.
FastX Matic Dapp Link
Why FastX?
Being the fastest growing decentralized distribution smart contract with unmatched share ratio in the polygon blockchain.
Partner with us - Key Features
Smart Contract deployment using your metamask address.So it's completely owned by you.
White label User Dashboard, rebrand with your own branding and logo.
No charges at any point except 30% of your generated income.
What you receive?
White label User Dashboard web application.
FastX Distribution Smart Contract.
Own ERC 20 token to serve your users.
Support for white label dashboard and smart contract deployment.
How much you spend to make it operational?
For Smart contract deployment on polygon,Approx cost 0.20 MATIC Coin from your metamask.
For Dashboard application deploy on Cloudflare Pages preferred.Initially go with free plan and later you can upgrade.
For Your Website Domain Name, Cloudflare domains (.com,.org,.net) are preferred.Approx cost 8 - 10 USD per year.
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Note : White label dashboard covers your brand name and logo placement without any feature modification,ERC 20 token creation. No logo making and coin stickers provided by us.